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WSK-1 Wireless Remote Start Kit for Honda EU6500is, EM5000is, EM7000is

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WSK-1 Wireless Remote Start Kit for Honda Generator Models: EU6500is, EM5000is, EM7000is
(NOT designed for Honda's newest EU7000is)

The WSK-1™ cable harness connects directly into the factory hardwired remote connector plug.  This connector is located behind the generator's front battery panel so it's very easy to access.  Just plug our remote harness connector into the generator's factory connector and attach the black ring terminal end to the negative battery post.  That completes the only wiring required! 

Your only other installation steps are to remove the factory cable access knock-out from the generator's battery panel door and attach our wireless control box to the access door.  This WSK-1-H7 kit installs in under 10 minutes!

Part # WSK-1-H7

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Features and Benefits of the WSK-1™ Wireless Remote Start System for Honda EU6500is Generators

  • Easy installation - No cutting, splicing or soldering required.  Simply connect to the factory remote plug-in.

  • Leave your generator's ignition switch in the "remote" position for wireless remote start/stop operation, OFF to disable remote, or use the ignition switch as usual to key start.

  • Every WSK-1™ unit is range tested to 140 feet.

  • Over 1 Million code combinations prevents the possibility of false triggers, or unintended starts.

  • Each kit includes one wireless remote key fob.  Additional key fobs are available and up to 4 fobs can be programmed to work with the system.  Replacement fobs are available and can be programmed to your control box in case your original is ever lost or broken.

Each WSK-1™ it includes a one year manufacturer's warranty to be free of defects and tech support and/or repair assistance is available thereafter. These kits are designed for the long haul, if any part of the kit fails or is damaged, Hayes Products, Inc. offers replacement parts and/or repair services.