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  • Gen-E-Start™ Battery Monitor Remote Start System

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    The GEN-E-START™ Battery Monitor System for Honda EU3000is generators is a hard-wired multi-function start kit which allows your EU3000is to automatically start when your battery bank drops below a preset voltage.

    The GEN-E-START enables direct connection to your off-grid battery bank as a primary charge system or as a back up charging system for those events when solar, wind, or other alternative power system needs an additional charge by a back up generator. With the GEN-E-START™ installed, your EU3000is generator will start automatically when your battery bank drops below a preset voltage.  It is easily configurable to work with 12V, 24V or 48V battery systems and will turn off the generator as soon as the charge level is achieved.

    The GEN-E-START™ GES-M1 System includes:

    • GEN-E-START™ Control Center.  The brains of the system.
    • Plug-N-Play harness.   your stock Honda EU3000is wiring harness. (No cutting, splicing, crimping or soldering required!)
    • Auto Choke Controller.  The same heavy duty controller with shielded cable as used on our WSK-1™ kit since 2002.
    • Hard wired manual push button start cable accessory available OPTIONAL (orange cable in photos).
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