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Our Hayes Products, Inc. Exclusive WSK-1™ Wireless Remote Start Kits are available for multiple Honda generator models.  
We have one remote start kit for Honda EU3000is generators, and another kit designed for the Honda EU6500is, EM7000is or EM5000is.  
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Hayes Products, Inc. Exclusive WSK-1™

Wireless Remote Start System for the Honda EU3000is

Dealer, Reseller, OEM bulk pricing available.

A wonderful generator add-on accessory for RV - Camping use as well as Home Back Up generators and More!

  • Over 100' Range.Push Button Key Fob remote starting.Automatically operates the choke for proper starting.
  • Does not affect normal operation or starting.
  • Wireless Unit has On/Off switch or disable plug for long term storage to prevent battery drain or unintended starting.
  • Easy plug-n-play installation. No cutting, soldering of wiring required.   Approx. 1 hour install time.
  • Full color step-by-step installation instructions.


More info:

Hayes Products WSK-1
Wireless remote control start
system for Honda EU3000is Generators.

100+ feet range for starting or stopping.

Fits all models of the EU3000is regardless of production date.  For customers outside the U.S. that model is usually designated as an EU30is.

The WSK-1 remote kit was originally designed in 2002 and has been fully plug-n-play since 2005.

The WSK-1™ cable harness plugs in between the factory harness connections, no individual wire connections or damage to factory harness required.
Easy to follow step-by-step installation instructions with full color photos are included.

Questions?  Call 580-762-6334 and we can help.

Features and Benefits of the WSK-1™ Wireless Remote Start System for Honda EU3000is Generators

·         The WSK-1™ does not affect the normal starting or operation of the generator so in case of any failure of the electric start system, the manual starting system is still available.

·         The installation is unobtrusive - No cutting, splicing or soldering required.  Simply unplug the factory harness connectors and the remote connectors plug right in between.

·         Easy single switch ON/OFF toggle disables the remote start for long term storage to prevent any drain on battery.

·         It is not necessary to leave the ignition switch turned to the ON position; the generator's key does not even need to be in the unit.  The WSK-1™ is designed to start and stop the generator while the key switch is turned off.

·         The kit includes an easy add-on cable operated automatic choke controller which attaches to the external choke control arm.  The approx. 6" long choke-controller mounts at the base of the generator housing.  This design does not effect the use of your manual choke in case back up manual pull starting is ever needed.

·         Every WSK-1™ unit is range tested to 140 feet.

·         Does not affect the safety functions of the generator (i.e. overload, low oil shut down, ground fault, etc.)

·         Over 1 Million code combinations prevents the possibility of false triggers, or unintended starts.

·         Each kit includes one wireless remote key fob.  Additional remote fobs are available and up to 4 fobs can be programmed to work with the system.  Replacement fobs are available and can be programmed to your control box in case your original is ever lost or broken.

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